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Technical FAQs For Filling of Online Application Form

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An applicant should log on to https://upsconline.nic.in/ to access the home page of the online application.

An applicant should apply for a particular examination only when it has been notified by the Commission. Brief information containing the extracts of the examination which is being notified is published in the leading News Papers. The complete and detailed information is available on Commission's website HTTPS://www.upsc.gov.in and at the website for filling the online application for a particular notified exam/exams at https://upsconline.nic.in/.

Yes, an applicant who fulfils the eligibility criteria prescribed in the notification (i.e. the detailed information available on website
https://upsconline.nic.in/ ) of that particular examination can apply.

Yes, an applicant must refer to the detailed instructions which are available on website https://upsconline.nic.in/ for filling up the online application before doing so, which are available.

Due to security reasons, some reserved words and special characters like (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,(,),<,>,?,/,~,`, etc) are not acceptable in the Name and Address fields of the Online System. Please retry after deleting special characters.

If your name exceeds more than 30 characters, please abbreviate you name in Name Column, and then press TAB key. Full Name column displays below to facilitate the candidate to write his full name in Full Name column.
Do not forget to send a signed written request to Joint Secretary (Examination), UPSC, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi 110069 by Speed-post or by Fax (011-23387310) giving details of the full name and reasons for abbreviation in this regard; otherwise your application / candidature may be rejected at a later stage.

It is calculated based on cut-off date according to the notification.

Candidates seeking reservation / relaxation benefits available for Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes / Other Backward Classes / Economically Weaker Sections / Persons with Benchmark disabilities / Ex-Servicemen must ensure that they are entitled to such reservation / relaxation in accordance with the eligibility prescribed in the Examination Rules/Notice. They should be in possession of all the requisite certificates in the prescribed format in support of their claims for availing reservation before applying for the examination, and these certificates should be dated earlier than the closing date for receipt of applications for the examination, unless otherwise prescribed in the Examination Notice/Rules.

No. All the applicants who are exempted from the payment of fee can straight away proceed to the part-II of the application. Moreover, such applicants will not be taken through the "fee payment details page" where the applicants are required to fill in the details for payment of fee.

Female/Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/Physically Handicapped (40% and more)candidates are exempted from payment of fee.

In case you are claiming any relaxation against a certificate you are having with you, its date may be mentioned against certificate date.

At Present area PIN code is mandatory to be filed in by the candidate, rest of above indicated items are optional. However, it is advisable that these particulars may be filled up so that an applicant can be easily accessed/ contacted if required by the Commission.

An applicant should click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page to move to the next page.

Before filling up the application, please check that you have selected the right examination in case more than one exam is notified during that period. Although it may not happen as the required columns along with the drop-down menu for selection and inputting the information is available on the online form for a particular examination. In case, the applicant desires to opt for a criteria/parameter which is different from the one contained in the drop-down menu, would lead to the inference with the system that the candidate is not eligible for this examination on account of different parameter.

This may happen due to incompatible resolution of your computer and requires you to decrease the resolution before filling up Part II of the application form. Please hold the Ctrl keyof the keyboard and move the mouse wheel down (or press Ctrl and Minus “-” key) to change the resolution.

You are requested to clear cache of your browser (all time) from the browser settingsand complete your application form (Part-I & Part-II registration).

The applicant is required to first complete the part-I of the application and thereafter complete the part-II of the application. Both Part-I and Part-II of the application should be duly completed as per instructions.

Blank or Zero Registration number indicates that your application has not been submitted successfully. Please fill up the application form again and resubmit.

If you have made your payment successfully through Credit/ Debit card and have been redirected to the UPSC Online website for uploading photograph and signature, and if you have uploaded your photo and signature and other information required to fill Part-II properly, your application is ready to be submitted. Otherwise, there may be a connectivity problem with thePayment Gateway. In such a case, you may choose Cash option or Internet Banking option for payment of fee and proceed according to the guidelines/ instructions.

On completion of Part-I of application Registration ID (RID) is generated by the system. If the same has not been generated and you are disconnected midway due to any reason, you have to enter the details of the application again.

Please proceed with filling up Part-II Registration form even if such an alert/ message is displayed. Users of Google Chrome or Mozilla browsers are advised to minimize problems[click on the “I Understand the risk (Mozilla) or Advanced (Google Chrome)” button as the case may be to proceed further and finally click on “Add Exception with continue (Mozilla) or Proceed to https://upsconline.nic.in (unsafe) (Google Chrome)”]. Only Desktop or Laptop should be used to apply Online for examinations and Mobile Phones are not compatible with the OnlineSystem.

In case of correspondence with the commission an applicant must mention these details -Name of Examination, Applicant's name, father's name, date of birth and the Registration Identity Number(RID).

Please click on “Advanced” then click on “Proceed to upsconline.nic.in (unsafe)”.

Please ensure that you have typed the correct URL “https://upsconline.nic.in” in the browser address line and not reached the address through ‘search’ tools or other means.Thereafter, you may click on “Continue to this website (not recommended)”.

There are three options for the payment of fee-Pay
i) by Cash in any branch of State Bank of India,
ii) Pay by credit/debit Card and
iii) Pay by Net Banking facility of SBI
iV) UPI by any Bank

An applicant who wants to pay the fee by cash should take a print of the PAY-IN SLIP (challan) by clicking on the option "Download and Print Bank Challan". Making use of this challan, an applicant can deposit the fee in cash at any branch of the State Bank of India. The bank will not accept any other challan/form for the payment of fee by cash. After depositing the fee by this challan, the bank will provide a "TRANSACTION ID". An applicant will again have to log in and start submission of the part-II of the online application. An applicant can also pay the fee online using the internet banking facility of the State Bank of India. An applicant can also pay the fee online using any VISA/MASTER DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD issued by any bank/institution.

No, the fee may be deposited in cash only in any branch of State Bank of India.

An applicant, after having obtained the TRANSACTION ID number, should again log in by making use of the Registration ID number generated at the time of submission of Part-I of application & the date of birth of the applicant and thereafter enter the relevant particulars in the remaining columns. The Registration ID is also available on the challan.

No. An applicant must make use of the challan generated by the system. The Bank(SBI) will not accept the fee (in cash) by any other form or challan.

An applicant, after having obtained the TRANSACTION ID number, should again login Part-II Registration Form by making use of the Registration ID number generated at the time of submission of Part-I of application and his date of birth and thereafter select Pay by Cash option again and then click on Continue button to enter the relevant particulars in the remainingcolumns. The Registration ID is also indicated on the pay-in slip.

UPSC has no provision to refund any fee amount paid by candidates. Banks concerned may be approached for claiming any extra/ unsuccessful payments made by the candidates.

Login into Part II, Click on Pay by Cash -> Through any SBI Branch to find that you have already generated the challan. All generated Challans are valid till its closing date. Click on continue on the screen page for filling Transaction-Id & Date and click on Submit.

On downloading challan form for cash payment visit Bank on next day & ask Bank to use Screen Reference No in case of difficulty.

Login into Part II, Click on Status at the end of the screen page if you have already paid fee through Net Banking.

UPSC will send you a rejection letter on your email address in such a case. You will be required to submit the original Challan Slip issued by the State Bank of India as proof of payment in cash mode or the bank statement showing debit of fee amount as proof of payment of fee. It would be advisable to send the original Challan Slip by Registered or Speed Post or By hand to the Joint Secretary (Examination), UPSC.

UPSC does not refund any extra fee amount paid by candidates. The bank concerned may be approached for claiming refunds. In case of transaction failure, the amount deducted may be refunded within 4 / 5 working days by the bank concerned.

Login to Part II using RID and DOB and select Pay by Cash through any SBI Branch,then click on Continue button of the Screen to enter Transaction Id and Date provided by the Bank.

Click on the Part-II Registration link, A pop-up window will display on the screen, enter the Registration-id, date of birth and Confirm Random Image, Click the “Submit” button.The payment page will display with massage at the end of the screen page a massage “If you have already paid fee (in case of payment failure), you can update the status by Clicking here” and the follow proceed according to instructions.

This means your transaction has failed and you have to make the payment afresh. Incase you are still facing difficulty in paying the fee using Debit/Credit card/UPI, you may choose to pay in cash by generating Bank Pay-in-Slip (challan) or Internet Banking (INB).

Applicants should note that there is a ceiling on the number of candidates allotted to each of the Centers (means city), except in Chennai, *Delhi, Dispur, Kolkata and Nagpur. Allotment of Centers will be made on the ‘first-apply-first-allot’ basis, and once the capacity of a particular Centre is exhausted, the same will be frozen and displayed in a different colour in the Drop-Down menu. You are advised to apply early so that you get the Centre of your choice. Please also note that UPSC reserves the right to change the Centre at their discretion, if thesituation demands.
* For CSP, CAPF, NDA-I/NDA-II there might be a ceiling/ capping for Delhi Centre also.

Change of Centre cases are normally discouraged by UPSC. However, written request duly signed addressing to J.S. (Exam), UPSC may be sent for change of centre request towards its consideration based on its merit.

Please check the properties of photo and sign images. Resize them as per specifications given in instructions for filling online application on the website itself within FAQ.

UPSC is concerned with identification of a candidate at the Exam Hall based on the images uploaded by the candidate and not to cancel the candidature based on the size or color of ink used.

The images of the photograph and signature should be scanned in the “JPG” format.No other format is acceptable.

Please check the properties of the photograph and signature images. Resize them according to the specifications given in instructions for filling online application.

You should scan your signature which has been affixed on white paper preferably with black ink pen for its better visibility. Each of the scanned images of the photograph / signature should not exceed 300 KB and must not be less than 20 KB in size. The resolution of photograph and signature are 350 pixel (Width) * 350 pixel (Height) minimum and 1000 pixel (Width) *1000 pixel (Height) maximum. Also, please ensure that the uploaded photograph and signatureare clearly discernible.

Use any free image editing software such as MSPaint or Irfanview, to delete the unnecessary print area. Use the CROP option after selecting the Image. To resize to proper pixel size use the Resize option. If the image is in other formats such as .tiff, .bmp etc, then open the photo in MSPaint or Irfanview and click Save as option to save it in the desired format (.jpg).

After photograph and the signature are uploaded, a fresh page shows the preview of the uploaded images. If you are satisfied with the uploaded images you may click on Confirm Upload button. In case you are not satisfied with the uploaded images, you may click on theReload Photograph or Reload Signature button. The reloaded photograph and signature can again be viewed by clicking on the Image refresh button. The process can be repeated till your satisfaction. You may please note that if the quality of photograph or signature is poor, the application is liable to be rejected. After having clicked on the Confirm Upload button, the system will not allow any changes in the photo / signature.

You should scan your photo identity card document / certificate related to writingextremity of PwBD (person with benchmark disability) not exceed 300 KB and must not less than 20 KB.

It is strongly advised that after the completion of the process of submission of the online application, the applicant must take a print out of the submitted application form and keep the same for future reference. The candidate is also advised to keep his fee payment proof which might be required by the commission in case of any discrepancy.

You may click on View/Print option at https://upsconline.nic.in/upsc/viewapplication.php site. Then enter RID & DOB to print your submitted application.

You are required to submit original challan issued by bank for payment in cash mode / Bank statements showing debit of Fee Amount for other authorized mode as documentary proof for payment of Fee in case any rejection letter received by you from UPSC during verification of payment.

All relevant particulars required according to Rules for a particular examination are provided for in the Drop-Down menu. Before filling up the application, please check that you have selected the right examination. Any attempt to enter any input other than the available options will lead to rejection of your application.

Most of communications to candidates are carried out online by UPSC and address is hardly a matter in this regard. Please ensure your email-id & Mobile No is active.

Please retry after some time preferably not during peak hours. The time taken to access the page depends upon factors like Internet speed and number of applicants registering their applications at the same time. It would always help if applications are made earlier rather than later. It is a good practice not to wait for the last day or hours.

The system allows you to change entries in fields/ columns in Part-I of the online application by using the Update button. Please click on this button to make the desired changes. However, you cannot change the entries once you have submitted the application form by clicking on the “I Agree” button. Therefore, please submit only after carefully reviewing your entries.

After the completion of Part-I and Part-II of the online application, a fresh page displays the message that the application has been submitted successfully. An auto-generated email / SMS are sent to you stating that you have successfully submitted your application. Please note that your application is subject to the verification of information according to the Examination Rules as well as verification of the quality of photograph, signature, and paymentdetails (in case you are not a fee-exempted candidate).

The SMS message could be a delayed alert. If you receive such an SMS, first obtain a printout of your submitted application form and check that all fields including photo, signature and the centre are filled up and are in order. If the centre is indicated in the printed application form, you may ignore the SMS alert. Please keep the printout of your submitted application for future reference. If the centre is not indicated, it means your application has not been submitted and you are advised to complete Part-II of the application by filling up Centre and submit it as per the procedure.

Please visit the Bank for payment a day after you have downloaded the pay-in-slip. Incase of difficulty, please request the Bank to use Challan Reference number for effecting payment. You can also contact to UPSC by email- upscsoap[at]nic[dot]in / Telephone number – 011-23388088 / 23098591 Extn. 4930.

Auto-generated intimation is sent to candidates through email / SMS, which may not have been received by you due to reasons like Inbox over loaded, cleaning of spam folder without checking, email-id inactive, jamming due to heavy rush/ traffic, congestion of packets inmail server etc. It is advisable to keep a hard copy of application for any future reference.

The eligible candidates shall be issued e-Admit Card three weeks before the commencement of the Examination. e-Admit Card will be made available on the UPSC Website[upsc.gov.in] for being downloaded by the candidate. No Admit Card will be sent by post.

All admitted candidates can download e-AC with details of centre address around three weeks ahead of Examination Date once Admit Card are uploaded on HTTPS://www.upsc.gov.in . No e-mails sent in this regard.

The successful submission of the online application requires the completion of two parts of the application correctly. After completing the part-I of the application the system generates a unique number which is known as the Registration ID. After the completion of all the columns in part-II, a fresh page displays the message that the application has been submitted successfully. The generation of the unique registration ID number combined with the display of this message indicates that the application has been registered.

Once an applicant has successfully submitted the Part-I and Part-II of the application through online, the same gets registered with the Commission and the applicant is not required to send a hard copy of the print out of his/her application to the Commission's office. However, it is strongly advised that the applicant keeps a hard copy of his /her application for his/her own record and future communication with the Commission, if any.

All admitted candidates can download e-Admit Card with details of centre address around three weeks ahead of Examination Date once Admit Card are uploaded on HTTPS://www.upsc.gov.in/

No hard copy to be sent to UPSC unless it is asked for any reason, However, it is strongly advised that the applicant keeps a hard copy of his /her application for his/her own record and future communication with the commission, if any.

You cannot use pay-in-slip (challan) and transaction-id of already submitted application form for another new application form. Otherwise your application form may be rejected.